Penang Street Art

Top Picks Penang

Penang offers more than just the best street food in Asia: take your gang to experience dreamy jungle-fringed beaches, kaleidoscopic butterflies and the eclectic charms of heritage-listed Georgetown.

Jaipur Destination Guide

Ancient forts, luxury palace stays, elephants aplenty, and the world's largest sundial: explore the whirlwind of colour and chaos that is Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan, India.

Venice Top 5

It's not all Vivaldi and Valpolicella: there's lots to entertain diminutive visitors to glorious Venice, amongst the myriad gliding gondolas and picture-perfect piazzas.
Where to go and what to see in the Holy City

Seven Suitcases Asks: Jerusalem

Matt Rees is an award-winning crime novelist living in Jerusalem, whom the French magazine L’Express called “the Dashiell Hammett of Palestine.” As a journalist, he covered the Middle East for over a decade; Yasser Arafat once tried to have him arrested, but Matt eluded him, to write his quartet of novels about a Palestinian detective, and two historical mysteries about Mozart and Caravaggio.

Here Matt shares with us his top spots in the city for hanging out with his 6-year-old, Cai, and 2-year-old, Mari.

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