Sunrise from Mt Wellington

Tasmania Destination Guide

Amazing, accessible wilderness, fantastic locally-grown food and wines, not to mention a fabulous, flourishing arts scene; head to Australia's southern state of Tasmania, too, to hang out with such wild-and-wonderfuls as wombats and wallabies, pademelons and bettongs, as well as - of course - a real-life Tasmanian Devil or two.
Beach near Great Ocean Road, VIC, Australia

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Rugged coastline, pristine beaches and lush, wild forest – it’s not just surfers that heed the call to discover Australia’s Great Ocean Road, which runs for 151 miles (243km) along the coast south of Melbourne. Anne-Marie Middlemast takes a family-friendly road trip through this stunning region.

Beach near Great Ocean Road, VIC, Australia
The Idea

As a teenager growing up in Melbourne, it was almost considered a rite of passage to get a few friends together, and take a drive down the iconic Great Ocean Road. I’ll confess, I spent more than a few weekends following various boyfriends down this coastal wonderland; panel van loaded up with surfboards, sleeping bags, the latest Top 40 cassettes and of course, beer.

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