Miriam and Amelia

Welcome to Seven Suitcases! We’re Amelia and Miriam, travel writers, journalists, authors and mamas living in two hemispheres.

At Seven Suitcases we believe that travel shouldn’t stop when you have children.  In fact, we know that having little ones in tow opens doors (quite literally) to experiences you’d otherwise miss out on altogether. Want to take tea with camel-drivers in Cairo, or visit a prince’s private castle in Rajasthan? Trust us: bring the kids.

As our Destination Guides, How-Tos, Top Picks and ‘Seven Suitcases Asks’ all show, travelling with children doesn’t have to mean holidaying with Mickey Mouse or booking an all-inclusive resort vacation. Children, like their parents, are tough, and they thrive on adventure. Seven Suitcases is about inspiring your family of adventurers to travel intrepidly – whether that’s road-tripping in Baja California, lemur-spotting in Madagascar or singing karaoke in Tokyo.

We understand kids because we have them ourselves (Amelia, in fact, has five), and we know independent travel because we’re both long-time guide book authors and travel writers. Our global network of experts ensures that our recommendations are solid, extraordinary, and always family-friendly.

Happy travels!

Amelia & Miriam 

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So you’re a travel writer, what have you written?

Amelia: More than a dozen travel guides and fancy coffee-table travel books for Lonely Planet. Between covering destinations including India, Lebanon, and Egypt, I was the first guidebook writer to research the Gaza Strip in more than a decade  – and possibly the only one ever to do so whilst 7 months pregnant.  I’ve written for publications including BBC Travel, CNN Travel, The Washington Times, the Sunday Times, and Egypt Today, and presented a TV show for National Geographic channel. My last book, The Zoo on the Road to Nablus, was published in several languages, and a new one is on the way.

Miriam: About 10 guidebooks for Lonely Planet covering everything from the islands of Greece to the Australian outback. I have also enthused on all things travel for a range of Australian and international publications including the UK Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Jetstar Magazine and BBC Travel.

And you’ve got kids. Introduce us!

Amelia: I have five little people: Cassidy (11), born in Amsterdam, Tyger (9), Cairo (8) and Zeyah (6), all born in Israel, and Indio (2), born in Vancouver, Canada . Last year, amongst their travels, each clocked up around 20,000 miles (32,000 km) overland, and think nothing of a sentence beginning with “Let’s take a road trip to…” 

Miriam: Pearl is 2 and a half. Born in Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, she is already an enthusiastic camper and true bush baby.  She’ll be joined by no.2 kidlet in March 2015!

Best travel experience with kids?

Miriam: Sharing a 17 course vegetarian Buddhist feast in Seoul. Who knew babies could put away so much kimchi? Close second would be camping at Cape Leveque at the tip of the Kimberley in Western Australia…one of the most spectacular places in the world.

Amelia: Zooming along green Goan countryside roads, stopping for chai and roadside snacks; seeing the ‘lost city’ of Petra in the snow on New Year’s Day, driving into Las Vegas along the glittering Strip at midnight, with the kids oohing and aahing in the back seat of the car, and watching Orca whales cavort beside our little local ferry on the way back to our Canadian island home.

Worst travel experience with kids?

Amelia: A toss-up between three: being locked into a waiting room with a planeful of people and our three toddlers after an Alitalia flight cancelled its middle-of-the-night connection, and being yelled at by an Alitalia staff member when I asked for an update. Racing for our plane in a taxi through the streets of Mumbai as Cairo, our third child, threw up copiously out of the window. Finding out our luggage had been irrevocably lost by the airline on a trip to Belize, and having to do the entire journey in one pair of dungarees, an ill-fitting supermarket bathing suit, and the ugliest flip-flops I’ve ever seen. 

Miriam: A solo overnight flight from Tokyo to Denpasar on a budget airline where I was squashed between two heavy set men who had both taken sleeping pills. Pearl was on my lap screaming so hysterically she made herself throw up, before finally falling asleep. I was so scared she would wake up I sat rigid in my chair, covered in cold vomit, stinking up the whole plane for 9 hours straight.

Favourite destination with kids?

Amelia: India. The chaos, the colour, the long train journeys and misty mornings high up in the mountains….and always being able to buy lunch for our entire family-of-7 for under $10. 

Miriam: Japan! With cat cafes, retro toy palaces, neon lights, amazing 24-hour food, crazy noises and parent rooms at every stop… what’s not to love? Also Sri Lanka, another land of the long rides – trains, tuk-tuks, elephants… an absolute joy with little people.

Travel heroes?

Amelia:  Bruce Chatwin, whose In Patagonia inspired me, as a 10-year-old, to travel, and Gerald Durrell, whose reminiscences of a childhood spent in Corfu always remind me to see adventures through the eyes of my children.

Miriam: Amelia! She was toting her toddlers on Egyptian odysseys and dropping them off at Goan pre-schools when just having a child seemed like an anathema to me. I was also an unabashed fan of Tony Wheeler from Lonely Planet – even writing him a fan letter when I was 14. And I am so inspired by those parents on Instagram who get their 4 year olds walking up mountains (and enjoying it!)…. wow!

I don’t leave home without…

Amelia: A camera, pens and paper for the kids, baby wipes, sparkly lip gloss, and a change of toddler t-shirts. 

Miriam: An Ergobaby carrier, bamboo wipes, a sarong, an Iphone for Instagram and my swimmers.