Best Day Ever: London, England

Seven Suitcases asks Noah Nahra Gerner, aged 9, about his perfect day at home in London.

It’s Saturday morning. How do you start the day?

I invite my friend Otto over, to have donuts and brioche.

noah large

After breakfast where do you head?

I’ll invite my friends Jack and Magnus and we’ll go to Alexandra Park, and Otto and me will play Jack and Magnus in a game of football.

After that, what are you going to get up to?

Otto and my friend David, and me, Mummy and Daddy (Maya, my little sister, will have a babysitter) will go down to the Southbank. We’ll all go on the London Eye ferris wheel, and wander around the stalls and all have £20 to spend.  I’ll buy lots of finger puppets and loads of sweets.

Where to for lunch?

To Wahaca at the Southbank. I like the black bean burrito there, and the chips which I dip into spicy sauces and guacamole.

Wahaca Mexican Restaurant

What will you do after lunch?

We’ll go on the cable cars over the river – they take you really high up and have some nice views.  After that we’d go to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. I got the book for Hanukkah and I really like it.

What next?

Then me, Otto and David will rent bikes and go to Hyde Park, where my mum’ll let us ride around for an hour by ourselves.

So you  must be pretty hungry by now — where for dinner?

We’ll take a double-decker bus to the Queen of Sheba for dinner. It’s an Ethiopian restaurant. I like sitting on cushions and eating with my hands.

London Bus

Photo by Julian Walker

Anywhere after dinner?

After Ethiopian we’ll go to Gelato Mio. I’ll get a double scoop of Rocky Road and Cookie Dough. Then we’ll go and spend the night in a hotel, somewhere not too far away, like Hampstead.

Thanks, Noah!


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