Best Day Ever: Vancouver, Canada

We ask Tyger Smolar, aged 9, to  share with us her perfect day in Vancouver, Canada.

Your morning starts with breakfast. Where do you go and what do you eat?

I go to The Naam, to eat vegan pancakes. I like it because the food’s all vegetarian, and it’s a very calm place, not like other restaurants.


You’re filled-up on pancakes.  Now what?

I have a look around No Pirates Allowed, a good toy store next door to The Naam.

And then?

I do some shopping in the city centre. I go to clothes stores to buy lots of leggings, because I don’t like jeans.

t skates

Your shopping bags are full, and your piggy bank is empty. Where do you go next?

I go on a nice, refreshing walk in Lighthouse Park, or I go rollerblading in Stanley Park. I stop at 3rd Beach to relax on the sand, and at the outdoor swimming pool for a swim.


All that exercise has made you hungry. Where to for lunch?

The House of Dosas [1391 Kingsway] for a mango lassi and a paper dosa. They’re my favourite because they’re long and hard to eat.


You’re good to go again. Where do you spend the afternoon?

At my favourite cinema to see a 3D movie. I stop for a Japadog veggie dog across the road. It’s a Japanese version of a hot dog, with seaweed and stuff.

After the movie, you’ve got a bit more time before dinner. What do you do?

I get an ice cream at Bella Gelateria (dessert before dinner – yum). It’s the best ice cream in the city. I like the chocolate sorbetto – it’s really chocolatey.


Ok, and now for dinner. Where are we taking you?

To the Vegan Pizza House. I love the Hawaiian one, with vegan cheese and pineapple, and veggie ham.

And finally, to bed. But if you don’t want to go home, where would you like to stay?

At the Shangri-La.  I would stay up all night watching TV and trying on the clothes I bought in the morning. It’s a very fancy hotel.

Thanks, Tyger!



  • Reply December 6, 2013


    That sounds like a day anyone would love!

  • Reply December 6, 2013


    I love your day in the city Tyger. The Naam is the BEST . After all that eating and shopping and exploring you deserve to put your feet up at the Shangri-La for a little pampering (and all night TV).

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